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EYESONTHEWALL has it's roots in the 'Roundhouse AV Collective', which was founded in 2010 under the guidance of SDNA and supported by The Roundhouse in London.
In early 2011, when Roundhouse AV Collective officially disbanded, the decision to launch an independent enterprise was made.

EYESONTHEWALL are working across a number of styles, platforms and themes, combining technical expertise and artistic understanding to deliver bespoke visual content for the creative/media/entertainment industries, private, corporate and community clients.
The areas of our expertise include generation of moving image, photography and projected media for live performance and events. Working alongside internationally acclaimed and emerging musicians, EYESONTHEWALL aim to produce visually rich yet distinctive and individually oriented media performances. Our visuals follow the spontaneity and flexibility of the life performer and maintain a full integrity with atmosphere.
Being aware of the latest technological innovations and creative trends, we remain attentive to the specificity of client's needs, providing conceptualization and video design together with technology solutions and actual realization.


EYESONTHEWALL are a small team of interdisciplinary artists delivering fresh solutions to visual projects. We specialize in creating personalized content and mixing live-action for music and theatre events, art installations, exhibitions and stage performances, private and public launchings. Our multi-cultural backgrounds give us a unique insight and thinking for each project. Together we take in a broad range of ambitious and experimental projects, which are mainly focused on all-encompassing and improvised visualization in live context.

Roman Knipping-Sorokin - Creative Director

Valeria Meng - Video Director/Video Editor/SFX Designer

Philipp Morozov - Director of Photography/Colorist

Nat Urazmetova - Camera Operator/Media Contributor

Paria Kamyab - Camera Operator/Editor/Media Contributor

Sinéad McCarthy (Media Contributor)

John Lucy (Media Contributor)